Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 219 - 3 Things

These "things" are outside of a dairy farm down the street. I've always wanted an excuse to pull over and take a picture of them! There's just something really cool about them. I love all of the farming and little bit of rural life that's still around this area. It's all mixed in with new houses, shopping centers lining the streets, and cars buzzing through the busy day. One place that's absolutely wonderful and embraces new and old, is the Udder Delights creamery. The shop is in a regular shopping center, but they make their ice cream, butter, and cheese straight from their family farm a few miles away. We went there for ice cream this past weekend and YUM can't even begin to describe it! It's nice to appreciate the slower-paced businesses that are still hanging around. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 218 - Before Bedtime

Before bedtime, I usually like to read. Nothing puts me to sleep faster. I'm kind of in between books right now, but this is the next one on the list. Either this or a junk food chick lit book :D  I'm feeling like this is more nourishing for the mind and soul, though. I'm also probably the only book-lover left that hasn't read this!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 217 - Up

My Cara has her arms up to cheer on her football team. Go Flames! Those boys are such good football players. They're undefeated and so exciting to watch!

Day 216 - Sometimes

Sometimes this guy just gets so worn out from school and running all around that he just needs a nap. Poor guy..love him!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 215 - Man-Made

The sky was gorgeous this morning! It looked like someone made tire tracks all throughout the sky. I was trying to shoot around this pole to take pictures of the sky, but realized that it fit with today's photo theme. It's a great The juxtaposition of the two things, one man-made, and the other clearly provided by something bigger than man, was pretty cool. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 214 - Underneath

The underside of some daisies I have left over from a good friend's baby shower! It was my first time ever hosting a party, other than my kids' birthday parties, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the time spent amongst friends :)  It was so nice being able to do something extra for a friend who has been so great throughout our friendship. The good, the bad, the ugly. A gem that's hard to come by!

Day 213 - Price

The girls were selling candles as a fundraiser for cheer and tonight is the night everything's due!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 212 - In My Fridge

The leftovers went in the fridge..but not for long!

Day 211 - Strange

This was a strange one for sure

Day 210 - First Thing I See

The first thing I see every day is usually the bathroom... ;D

Day 209 - Favorite

I took approximately 1.8 million pictures today at the Museum of Natural History, but this one was by far my favorite <3

Day 208 - Table

Day 207 - Together

I woke up to see my girlies sleeping all snuggled up together <3

Day 206 - Hero

All kinds of heroes in this pic!

Day 205 - Black & White

My super cute work apron is black and white. Love working with the preschool kiddies!!

Day 204 - Something I Do Most Weekends

Most weekends, I go out to dinner with the family! This telescopic memory was made this weekend at The Old Spaghetti Factory ;)

Day 203 - At Night

Walking down the Huntington Beach Pier at night

Day 202 - Natural

The love between a Gradad and Grandson comes naturally :)  At least between these two!

Day 201 - Every Day

It's all about the Biebs. Every day. All day.

Day 200 - Bright

Double rainbow!!

Day 199 - In My Mailbox

We pretty much cried tears of joy when season 4 of Sons of Anarchy arrived in our mailbox. Not really, but it was a joyous occasion. L.O.V.E.

Day 198 - Far Away

Downtown Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory

Day 197 - Father

The Pops and I at a Father/Daughter square dance for girl scouts. This was probably in about 1991. We were wearing our fashionable bandanas. What a guy, huh? :)  Best father a girl can ask for!

Day 196 - Me, Now.

We went to Chuck E Cheese's with some friends after the girls' game. We were all messy and tired, but had fun! This picture captured that pretty well.

Day 195 - Hidden

The sun was hidden behind the clouds, creating a beautiful scene!

Day 194 - Card

The frozen yogurt place we went to for a Pop Warner Cheer fundraiser night! Yum!

Day 193 - Down

Ever feel kind of small down here? I do when I try to comprehend just how far away the moon is.

Day 192 - Clock

We finally bought an alarm clock after using our (unpredictable!) phones as alarm clocks. This is a boring and meaningless photo..unless you're our bosses! ;)

Day 191 - Tap

Funny coincidence in Ry's first grade reading homework! Worked well with the photo subject!

Day 190 - Dream

My Scully Wully during his visit to Dreamland <3

Day 189 - Fresh

Yummy fresh guac!

Day 188 - Path

The path through the parking lot to see ParaNorman!! The kids loved the cute movie and we unexpectedly had our own private showing. Kind of nice when no one else shows up!

Day 187 - Pair

A pair of cute (Rylee) cheerleader feet at tonight's game :)

Day 186 - Home

So many wonderful memories in this place <3

Day 185 - Cool

Big thunderstorm rolling in to cool things down!

Day 184 - Today

My girlies got their cheer uniforms today!

Day 183 - Hole

My Bug at the swimmin' hole on vacation :)

Day 182 - Inside

Inside my cousin's wedding reception!!

Day 181 - Face


Day 180 - Food

The hubs and brother flipping our food without a utensil :)

Day 179 - Ready

Ocean fishing out of Newport Beach, CA

Day 178 - Arrow

Day 177 - Simple

Huntington Beach, CA

Day 176 - Spoon

Here I am..

I've been neglecting this blog for the past month or so. It's funny that my last post is of one of my pictures with "To thine own self be true" written on it. I have not been true to mine..self..?? Haha, but really, taking pictures and writing makes me happy. It's one of the few things I regularly do for myself and doesn't focus on taking care of anyone else! Not that I don't love doing things for everyone, but we all deserve our own time :)  So, I'm taking time to post the photos I've been taking and posting regularly to a Facebook photo challenge page that has been following the same list.

Wee! I'm back!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 175 - Purple

Morning Glory Chinese Folklore

A traditional Chinese tale attached the morning glory to young lovers Chien Niu and Chih Neu, according to the Living Arts Originals website. When the pair fell in love, they neglected their duties in caring for water buffalo and sewing. In anger, gods separated the lovers on opposite sides of the Silver River and allowed them to meet just one day each year.